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Update on Boil Order that was lifted on Mar. 1, 2021

We wanted to give some information about the latest boil order that the Health Department placed on Compton Water February 23rd.  If you recall in earlier posts, we didn't expect for the order to be lifted prior to March 5th because of the required samples to be submitted.
The boil order was placed on us February 23rd, signs were placed at all entrances to the system by February 24th.  Notification was given here on Facebook, website alerts were also sent out, radio station was notified and it was also picked up by breaking news for Arkansas and published in print. 
We were notified the Health Department lab hours would be extended into the weekend of February 27 and 28th because of the weather.  We obtained samples and took them to Harrison for testing, and the health department lifted the order on Monday March 1st, after testing our samples.  That was very much appreciated and unexpected.
I recall on Monday March 1st, typing a message here on Facebook that the order was lifted upon notification, but apparently I didn't hit the send button because it appears not to be here on our posts.  However we did remove the signs, called the radio station and there was an alert placed on the website; these are the ways we always contact you as members.  Facebook is a convenience to our water members and is no way a requirement for us to deliver information.
We are very sorry the post didn't make it here, it was surely an oversight and certainly not a deliberate act to cause anyone harm or hardship.  The time we were in, was stressful and demanding and all of our water members surely had our undivided attention in ways we cannot even speak of today.  If anyone wants to visit further about this situation, I'm the one you need to speak with, call the office and you will be given my personal contact information and its my good pleasure to help you understand anything you need to know regarding this oversight on my part, hopefully we can calm any unrest surrounding this.
Again, we are sincerely sorry that anyone was inconvenienced because a post didn't make it here, the information was put out on all other forms of communication we have access to.  And please note, the ways we do communicate all necessary information has not changed, we have been consistent with that unless there was a mistake such as this one, to which I take full responsibility.
PLEASE NOTE...BOIL ORDER WAS LIFTED March 1, 2021 by the health department.  This entire facebook post will be copied into an alert on our website for your convenience.
Thank you for your continued patience and kindness towards our staff and of course all other water members and volunteers who help make this water company work.